7 reasons why you’re not split-testing (and 5 solutions to kick-start you)

Reason #1: Because Tests Are Worst.

Midterm tests. Driver’s tests. Pap smear tests. The word itself is anxiety-inducing. We think of a test as something we can fail at or get negative results from.

Reason #2: You’re Not a “Techy” Person.

Not only is it a test– it’s a technical mathy test! Half the buttons on your remote put your reptilian brain into flight mode– and remotes are the gateways to leisure! Technical stuff + work stuff = bury head in sand like an ostrich.

Reason #3: You Just Kinda Hope Your Website Works As-Is.

To you, the Internet is a bunch of mystery– like how in medieval times they though rats and wet hay made the plague. You work on hunches and feelings instead of having science back it up. Which is all fine and dandy, unless you want results. In which case you may want to avoid such alchemy as one would the plague.

Reason #4: You Don’t Have Enough Traffic to Split-Test.

Fair enough, you get off the hook. Time to set to work on a growth strategy, which is its own fun barrel of monkeys.

Reason #5: You Don’t Have the Budget for Something That Won’t Work.

You think split-testing is gonna turn out to be some flash-in-the pan buzzword like Laserdisc or Friendster or New Coke. And what’s the point spending your valuable energy and resources on something that is tedious, boring, and time consuming if it’s just gonna give way to something better down the line?

Reason #6: You Don’t Want to Admit You Don’t Know What You’re Doing.

Shame is the mother of all feelings. We feel like sometimes asking for help is a sign of weakness. Not true. Hang on to your ego and admit you don’t know.

Reason #7: Testing Just Isn’t Important Right Now.

Of course it’s not, because you’re the type who likes to build a bonfire in a giant trash can and throw your precious money in it. Wait… đŸ˜‰


Solution #1: Say, “Test,” Think, “Opportunity.”

Split-testing is an opportunity to make your website the best it can be– not some nun waiting to rap your knuckles with a ruler. The only failure with split-testing is not taking the chance to do it.

Solution #2: You Don’t Have to Be Techy to Split-Test.

If you need butter to bake a cake, you don’t have to churn it yourself. We live in a society! People do things for people who aren’t as good at doing those things so they can free up their time and do the things they’re good at! You don’t have to determine the statistical significance of the outcome of a split test alone. And if you don’t know what that means, it’s okay! Google has a free split-testing tool, Firepole Marketing has a free split-test checker. MYeMetrics has resources you can use. Individuals specialize in this sort of thing. Check out these resources and cheer for society.

Solution #3: Use Your Gut for Eating Food, Not Optimizing Your Website.

Split-testing will improve your website more efficiently than crossing your fingers, or other funky guesswork. Save the lucky hunches and gut-feelings for the craps tables in Vegas.

Solution #4: Talk to People About What You Don’t Know.

Admitting what you don’t know is an act of courage. Maybe if you outline what you don’t know, others will be courageous and follow suit. Once you can pinpoint what you don’t know, you can focus on best practices and figure out what really works. :)

Solution #5: Please, Please, Please Split-Test Now.

Split-test now. Split-test often. Your adoring visitors will thank you for it, even if they don’t know it.